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Insofar, it is important to DYOR (‘do-your-own-research’) and thus I have complied a list of free resources to perform said research. These days, for most of the data and information, access to Bloomberg and other professional services is not necessary for non-professional investors. Information can be obtained for free.

Personally, I am pretty much happy with relying on those resources for doing my own research and am paying only for a few select services. This is a selection of services I deem to be ‘best in their class’ but clearly, the list is non-exhaustive.

If you suggest we should add a particular site, please get in touch.

Fundamentals and Screeners

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance has been around since the early 90ies and I have been using it since 1999. Consistently, it has stayed one of the best free resources to access fundamental data for stocks around the world. You can find any market from the US to Europe and India. The data is not always 100% accurate (especially check currency conversions!) however much better than most other free sites I know of. In addtion, their site is light on ads and has a great earnings calendar.

The social community section on stocks is the only place I found good, relevant contributions on individual stocks probably because it is heavily moderated.


Covers nearly every stock around the globe on news and fundamentals. Unfortunately a bit heavy on ads, however, the news function is the best I know in the market (for free). The go-to resource to find out details about a stock you’re researching.


It looks like it is 1999, but this screener is the best free one available. You can screen US equities by several fundamental factors. Data accuracy is OK, some extreme data points might be faulty data. Still, I am yet to find a better free stock screener.


It’s a free platform targeted towards professional users who are used to operating on Bloomberg and similar platforms. Personally, the information is a bit too much for me but for anyone who is data-hungry this platform is the (free) go-to resource for developed market stocks.

Speciality Screeners


It is a free service to find US stocks with the highest implied options volatility. The premium service allows you to expand the list from the top search results. Excellent if you are trading in options or simply looking to discover volatile equities for pre-screening.


Cheap service for earnings whispers and implied volatility for options pre-earnings. Good resources, if you’re an options trader and/or trade earning releases.

Social Screeners


StockTwits is overloaded with non-professional opionion comments in my view, thus I don’t regularly use it. However, there is a section about the top 10 trending assets daily. Most of those are penny stocks, but occasionally something interesting pops up.


If you want to know what’s hot on Reddit Wallstreetbets without being distracted by gain and loss porn, Memes and rants, Swaggystocks shows the hottest Reddit stocks by scraping WSB. Useful during occasional Reddit rallies, else its just the old TSLA, GME, AMC et al.

Market News

Over time, I found it difficult to have relevant filtering mechanisms for relevant market news. Bloomberg, FT, Reuters and other typical go-to financial publications are very broad and often the headline news is not what actually is moving the market (such as politics). Thus, I use a combination of

Teletrader App

Recently renamed ‘Baha’ to honour its founder, Teletrader is the best filtered free market news resource for me. It works as an iOS and Android app, one of the few ones I allow to push notify me.

Occasionally, you wonder why they are quite frequently reporting stuff that is going on in Russia, but I simply ignore that.


Although Zerohedge has grown into a hodgepodge of conspiracy posts, fringe geopolitical views and pseudo-science it still DOES cover important topics to know about the market, which are not always reported in bigger publications. Hence, it is my go-to place for whatever is not in the headlines.


FinTwit is just too much to keep an eye on for me personally, hence I am focussing on accounts that are delivering market news rather than opinions, directional views or (please forbid!) charts ‘predicting’ individual stock movements. I thus look at forums, where people tend to post more detail about their views on a stock:

Yahoo Finance comment section 

In my view the best social comment forum, because it is moderated. Very low rate of spam and thoughtful comments on recent developements in a stock. Saves times in going through press releases and news releases from time to time.

LSE ‘London South East’ Share Chat (UK stocks) 

Best forum for smaller AIM and London listed stocks.

Boursorama (French stocks)

Best forum for French stocks

Wallstreet-Online (German & European stocks)

Largest community for German stocks

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All Markets is free for everyone. We carefully select advertisements we allow on our site, where we believe the product is helpful to our users. We earn a commission if you click this link and open an account at no additional cost to you.

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